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Becoming leaders through innovation

The dream come true in 2016 that has already become a solid and reliable capstone of the market.
Giuliana and Francesco, managers who contributed to the development of these services in Italy, decided to create TPA&A as a solid company made to last and become a benchmark Partner and an added value to its customers.
A work method that transforms the traditional claim management into a tailored product – through innovative digital tools – has made TPA&A a fresh and reliable key player in the world of Third Party Administration.

Our numbers


S.I.R claims managed compared to the previous year


Insured claims compared to the previous year


Customers renewed their appointment

Gender Equality Index


Adding value to our partners

We believe that culture, ethics and the environment are our responsibility. Training, research and innovation are strategic elements in our work, which is why we collaborate with the best partners and share our goals with those who work for the same ideals.

Founded by the Politecnico of Milan in 1987, Cineas is the university consortium for the promotion of technological-scientific development and the professional training in the integrated management of business risk.

The reference organization in Italy for the insurance industry agents who wish to innovate, develop and cope with the new digital challenges.

The renowned technological-scientific university of Milan with a long tradition of quality-oriented approaches and innovation in research and teaching.


Founded by a group of volunteers, Il Volto Ritrovato aims to promote the studies and knowledge of ancient portraits of Christ, in different literary and artistic depictions.

In-Presa works in the fields of professional training, studying assistance and support in the work environment for young people dealing with social distress and non-attendance to schools.

Gone West has planted over 4 million trees since 2013, and that’s just the beginning.


A Business Continuity Plan to protect our customers

In order to guarantee the service levels to our customers, we have analyzed and mapped our risk factors and defined Business Continuity Plans to preserve the integrity of our IT infrastructure and processes to ensure the company’s business continuity.

Business continuity plan

Crisis management

IT security policy

IT Disaster Recovery Plan


Three specialist companies for solutions 360°

The entire range of services around claims is organized in specialized companies for an agile, integrated and highly technical offer. The same customer focus, the same vision of the market, the same propensity to innovate continuously and the same drive to digitalize work.

Each company is managed by a highly qualified, cohesive management team, with proven experience in their respective business areas, capable of supporting our young talents towards their goals.

The first mover on the Italian market, A&A pioneered the specialist approach to electrical overvoltage damages based on our unique technical expertise.

“Loss Adjusting as a service” for Property and Liability claims, Experta has been reinventing loss adjusting and managed repair since 2012.

The Holding Company: values, vision, experience.