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Lloyds solutions

We are ready to offer all the services required by the market of Lloyds: full availability, organizational and contractual flexibility, reliability, compliance to standards, complete real time access to online data and the perfect knowledge of communication and reporting tools.
Furthermore, we provide our clients with innovative solutions to monitor the status of claims and access data any time, along with our insurance and legal know-how and a nationwide network of experts.

We stand out for

  • Technical know-how
  • A nationwide network of experts
  • Full compliance
  • Quick response

Loss Adjusting

TPA&A delivers comprehensive loss adjusting services for claims through a nationwide network of experts and an in-depth know-how on the insurance policy terms subscribed by Lloyds: TPL, P.I, Product Liability and Personal Accident are just some of the lines we handle every day.

Full Compliance

TPA&A is in full compliance with the standards required by the market of Lloyds, holds a Due Diligence certificate and is registered in the Charles Taylor Database.

Web claims handling system

Our claims handling system is completely available online at CHANGE, our innovative web platform expressly launched for the market of Lloyds. We guarantee full transparency and data available at any time.

Standard Borderaux

A well-organized reporting system through the precise compilation of Lloyds’ Borderaux.
We offer accuracy and attention to details in all the phases of the claim handling.

A network of legal counsels and loss adjusters

TPA&A has a 600 strong network of medical experts, loss adjusters and legal counsels operating nationwide, allowing us to choose the most adapt specialist according to the specific case.

Related Solutions

For Insurance Companies

A qualified and ready-to-use claims office to strengthen know-how, costs optimization and organizational timing. We are ready to assist on special clients’ urgent needs, specific projects or in case of claims surges.

For businesses

A reliable and solid partnership as an added value in Third Party Liability claims management and consequent risk analysis. TPA&A is specialized in Self-Insured Retention (S.I.R.) claims and is a trusted service provider for the companies already using this service. We are working on the base of shared Key Performance Indicators (KPI), setting up dedicated teams and customized processes for each client and providing a customized periodic reporting.

For Brokers

Ready to face old and new challenges together, as well as the market changes and the needs of your clients.