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Solutions for businesses

TPA&A is a reliable partner which allows the reduction of the expenses faced when a new claim insurance policy is opened. It provides clients with affordable and flexible solutions for businesses, relying on the capacity to handle big numbers with a quality-oriented approach.
For an optimal cost/efficiency relationship

We stand out for

  • The rapidity of operational times
  • Tailored solutions
  • Rapid management systems
  • A nationwide network of experts and legal counsels
  • Attention to new insurance methods
  • The capacity to manage big numbers with a quality-oriented mindset
  • Constant quality control for all type of claims
  • Organization for Account Manager

Ready-to-use claims handling and settlement

An outsourcing claims office with the right experience and professionalism to ensure the optimization of costs and swift operational procedures. A full take charge of claims handling through custom periodical reports and risks analysis: not only an added value, but a real growth opportunity.

Target-oriented claims handling

Defining clear and shared objectives is the first step in the work planning. From the claim denounce to its indemnity, we constantly work to achieve the results agreed for and with our clients. A flexible, custom and adaptable claims management system.

Dedicated teams

Our organizational system is highly flexible and allows us to build strategic teams according to the needs of our clients. We cover a wide range of options, including insurance branches, claims surges or the most ambitious projects with the best specialists.

Reduction of business costs

A company’s small initial investment that allows the maximization of results and swifter operational times. Outsourcing of one or more insurance policies within a company’s branch is the best solution in terms of cost/efficiency.

White Label Branding

Representing and respecting a client’s brand and defending its company’s image greatest responsibility in the world of Third Party Administration. Those who experienced our services and professionalism have decided to be represented by TPA&A, a company at full service of its clients.

S.I.R: claims

Full handling of S.I.R. claims, from the procedural inquiry to the extrajudicial definition, including legal assistance during litigations and direct compensation to affected parties. For an easy, efficient, structured and target-oriented outsourcing management.

A network of legal counsels and loss adjusters

TPA&A has a 600 strong network of loss adjusters and legal counsels operating nationwide, allowing us to choose the most adapt specialist according to the specific case.


Who is a TPA?

A third-party administrator ( TPA ) is an organization that processes insurance claims. It is also a term used to define organizations in the insurance industry that administer other services, such as underwriting and customer service. The TPA – third party and independent – performs an activity traditionally handled by the insurance company or by the company receiving the claim itself, acting on its behalf. Thus, an insurance company can use a TPA to manage claims processing and provider networks, and the TPA maintains independence from its principals.

    What does a TPA do?

    It manages the claims autonomously, providing for the inquiry of the file and the expert assignments if necessary, the analysis of the policy guarantees, the evaluation of the event in point an et quantum.

    What are the data security criteria adopted

    TPA&A has signed up to the GDPR, which is constantly being updated: The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a European regulation that governs how companies and other organizations process personal data. The legislation has given every individual control over the use of their data, protecting “the fundamental rights and freedoms of natural persons”: with this in mind, it establishes precise and strict requirements for data processing, transparency, documentation to be produced and kept, and user consent.

    How do I contact you and send documentation?

    To contact us you can write an e-mail to sinistri-lic@tpaeaitalia.com or a PEC to sinistri-tpaea@legalmail.it

    You can also contact us by phone at 02 54776511 and, soon, by “Change”. All the necessary information is on the Contact page.

    In any case, it is important to always indicate the number of the file for which you ask or you want to provide info and documentation.

    Information about data processing - PRIVACY POLICY

    The company TPA&A, based in Peschiera Borromeo (MI), Via Giuseppe di Vittorio 61, www.tpaeaitalia.com, info@tpaeaitalia.com, operates as autonomous data controller limited to the management of claims entrusted to it by XXXXXX and processes the following types of personal data of the interested party acquired, even verbally, either directly from the interested party or through third parties:
    1. Identification data (e.g. name, surname, tax code, address, etc.).
    2. Data relating to the state of health in relation to the management of claims.
    We specify that in this context that involves the necessary processing of these data for the management of claims, the information that you will provide us, will be treated exclusively for Insurance Purposes, so in relation to the practice that we have been entrusted by Insurers and complete the process of settlement of the claim.
    The data will be kept for the time necessary in relation to this purpose in compliance with the statute of limitations of the rights of the parties.
    The processing of Personal Data is mandatory in relation to the insurance purposes described.
    The refusal to provide personal data for the purposes indicated would result in preventing the conclusion or settlement of the claim and the consequent compensation for damages.
    The processing of health data for insurance purposes is optional, but failure to provide the data will make it impossible to handle the claim. In addition, the legal basis that legitimizes the processing of data relating to health is the consent of the person concerned that can be freely expressed by signing the declaration of Consent below. However, we would like to point out that in case of lack of consent, it will not be possible to proceed with the management of the accident and to proceed to the eventual compensation of the damage.
    Personal data are processed in written form and/or on electronic or telematic support, with automated tools and – in any case – in such a way as to ensure the security and confidentiality of personal data.
    Personal data may be communicated by our company to employees and collaborators within the scope of their duties and in their capacity as persons in charge of processing, and to third parties belonging to the insurance chain, such as the Principal, insurers, legal advisors and experts, medical examiners or competent authorities within the scope of ordinary claims management.
    In no case, personal data will be disseminated and in case of transfer outside the European Union will be adopted the protections provided for by current legislation to ensure an adequate level of protection.
    The data subject may at any time obtain a reference to the appropriate or suitable safeguards and the means of obtaining a copy of such personal data or the place where they have been made available.
    The personal data collected for insurance purposes are processed for a period equal to that necessary for the management of the claim and for 10 years after the conclusion of the same, except in cases where subsequent storage is required for any litigation, requests by the competent authorities.
    The company TPA&A has appointed a person responsible for the protection of personal data, DPO, pursuant to art. 37 of the Privacy Regulation, who can be contacted at the following e-mail address: tpaea@legalmail.it or at the address Via Giuseppe di Vittorio 61 – 20068 Peschiera Borromeo (MI). To know any further details about the processing of the data and to know how to exercise your rights towards us, please visit the privacy section of the website www.tpaeaitalia.com.

    How is the staff formed?

    The staff of TPA&A is composed of liquidators and legal advisors with proven experience, from different educational and professional backgrounds in the claim to ensure greater know-how, expertise and exchange of professionalism.

    What are the territorial limits?

    TPA&A acts throughout the Italian territory using a network of professionals, specialists and consultants with proven experience and on the basis of a relationship of trust built over the years.

    Is it easy to have audit access?

    Our IT systems guarantee easy access to our data, in compliance with the regulations in force. Our offices are also easily accessible and offer adequate space for external users in dedicated rooms.

    Do you also deal with external audits?

    TPA&A has a multidisciplinary staff active in data analysis, claims at third parties (companies, public administration, TPA and Companies).

    Do you manage claims in SIR on behalf of public and private entities?

    TPA&A has the ability and the experience to manage claims of both companies and public and private entities in self-insured or SIR (self-insured retention).

    What tools do you have to manage a large amount of work and ensure the standards required by the principals?

    The digital tools adopted by the companies of our group allow us to deal with volumes of claims and use systems for the evaluation of damages.
    Change, our bespoke and highly flexible in-house database ensures direct access to all data, ease of extraction, statistics, diaries and automation. The implementation and constant updating of the database allows us to always welcome new challenges and projects according to the needs of our clients and our operational staff.

    Who communicates the outcome of the survey to the injured party?

    The liquidator, after the conclusion of the preliminary investigation carried out, has the duty to communicate the outcome. In any case, the damaged party has the right to ask for information regarding the state of the file.

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