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Expertise and professionality at 360°

The assessment of a claim is a delicate moment, and its inquiry differs from case to case.
Different policies and lines require a wide range of skills and competences.
TPA&A relies on a network of specialists with different back grounds according to the captioned insurance policy.
The same quality standard, the same attention and the same competence for our clients.

Employers and Third Party Liability

Evaluating Third Party Liability claims is a delicate and fascinating process that requires technical, legal and insurance-related know how. TPA&A supports its clients by ensuring that the service level agreed is met and the actual costs are optimized in the best way. Furthermore, entrusted partners manage the activity in outsourcing to reduce the costs and maximize results.
We use digital tools for damage assessment that allow us to carry out a virtual inspection through a smartphone. The tool allows a good documentation of the damage while respecting the rules of privacy besides favoring the optimization of times.

    Professional Liability

    According to the specific situation, we use our nationwide network of specialists to manage claims resulting from professional misconduct. The assessment of the responsibility comes after a careful technical investigation integrated with the analysis and the verification of the insurance policy terms.
    In this process, TPA&A experience is an added value.

      Health Care Liability

      When Health Care Liability claims have to be effectively managed, we believe in two fundamentals: a strong know-how and expertise in the insurance sector and the choice of the right experts. That’s why we have decided to focus on strengthening our specific knowledge in the insurance and legal sector, building at the same time a reliable nationwide network of medical experts. As a result, today we can effectively offer our services to determine the responsibility of claims for health care professionals, public health corporations and health clinics.

        Product Liability

        Our company has the necessary expertise to evaluate Third Party liabilities originating from faulty products made or promoted by a company.
        The professional background and technical formation of TPA&A’s loss adjusters ensure a comprehensive management of Product Liability claims in all industrial fields.

          Accident Insurance policies

          Travel injuries and credit card benefits are two sides of the coin that yet need different approaches. TPA&A has the ability to build strategic teams and deliver tailored processes for each specific insurance policy, following the most appropriate guidelines to ensure high quality and quantity standards.
          A custom and flexible service built to meet our clients’ specific needs.
          We rely on a nationwide network of medical experts and lawyers working directly in-house, strong of the necessary experience to evaluate accidents and damages entity each time.

          We manage personal accidents in the following insurance sectors:

          • Injuries
          • Reimbursement of medical expenses
          • Travels

          Mobile devices insurance policies

          New insurance systems need new and innovative solutions. TPA&A has the right knowledge to handle claims surges on mobile devices under insurance coverage, thanks to the wide use of cutting-edge technology and digital tools. From the claim reporting to the indemnity, including repair and replacement of damaged goods, the clients of our partners can experience a service of self-care solutions and fast administration times.

          S.I.R Claims

          Public Administrations or business can greatly benefit from the direct management of claims, especially if combined with the expertise necessary to administrate any refund requests.
          TPA&A has the capacity to directly manage S.I.R claims, overcoming costs and obstacles which are common in internal claim offices, both in the public and the private spheres.
          A package of tailored solutions, quality standards and quantity objectives, made to be flexible and scalable at any time.
          We use digital tools for damage assessment that allow us to carry out a virtual inspection through a smartphone. The tool allows a good documentation of the damage while respecting the rules of privacy, besides favoring the optimization of times.