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How we work

Each claim is a story in itself, but with a single ending

Every claim is a story, a tale of people and companies who need to be guided towards the best solutions. Just as each story has its own plot, TPA&A studies the best path that can lead each claim to a successful ending.
A careful analysis which leads to tailored solutions, and requires a strong legal and technical know-how to accurately assess the responsibilities of the parties involved.

Our work method

We analyze each claim in its preliminary phase in order to define the best strategy to achieve the best results.

Through our nationwide network of experts, we choose each time the more appropriate specialist according to the peculiar case.

We handle the extrajudicial settlement of the claim, and whereas inevitable we also provide legal assistance to manage the controversy.

We have the capacity to directly indemnify all affected parties by drastically reducing the times that claims usually take to be closed.


The outsourcing of a claim is not just a matter of times optimization and company’s expenses, but also implies the building of a lasting relationship of trust with providers.
TPA&A is a solid reality build to last and grow over time, and works to offer the best expertise to our clients adapting its activity to their needs from time to time.
We propose solutions, create opportunities and act with a reliable, quality-oriented mindset: these are our fundamentals when it comes to represent our partners.


We never stop to promote innovation by shaping the future for our clients and anticipating their needs through innovative solutions. With the vision of being a step ahead, we have created an Innovation Center with 8 professional profiles: developers, data scientists and business process managers making our insights come true every day.

Digital tools



The favorite tool of our claims adjusters and experts. An intuitive user interface and a simple experience based on linear workflows for a comprehensive handling of the loss.


Claim Smart

Our app for performing surveys remotely. Watch the video and see how easy it is to collaborate with the adjuster to manage your damage. Download the Sightcall app from the stores.

Innovation partners

Our innovative capacity requires a relentless search for leading technology partners and innovators. Together we work to accelerate the digitization of our processes for new and high levels of service.