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Tailored services for shared results

TPA&A services are based on a careful analysis of customers’ needs to create a custom, shared path leading to the achievement of the service agreed.
A tailored working mindset, made of innovative claim management solutions for different insurance sectors.


Expertise and professionality at 360°

The assessment of a claim is a delicate moment, and its inquiry differs from case to case.
TPA&A relies on a wide range of dedicated specialists with different skills and competences according to the insurance policy lines.
The same quality standard, the same attention and the same competence for our clients.

Professional Liability and Third Party Liability

Loss Adjusting on Employers and Third Party Liability claims, with specific know-how of the Public Administration environment

Professional Liability

At the side of insurance companies in the management of Professional claims

Medical Malpractice

The necessary skills and competences to manage Medical Malpractice, both in the public and private sector.

Products Liability

A team of experts to assess and inquire damages caused by insured defective products.

Insurance policy for injuries

A national network of medical examiners to assess personal injuries.

Insurance policies for Mobile Devices

Digital processes and self-care solutions for an innovative management of the insured damages on mobile devices claims

Self Insurance Retention (S.I.R) claims

The ready-to-use claims office at the side of businesses during the delicate management of self-insured claims (S.I.R.).


Success guaranteed through tailored solutions

The insurance world hosts a broad range of needs and different realities, but the claim remains central in its dynamics. Being versatile and flexible towards customers and the world of work is the key to succeed.
Through the building of strategic teams and the selection of the best experts in the field, TPA&A offers tailored solutions to reach shared results with its clients.

For Lloyds

Management of outsourcing claims in full compliance with European standards and the borderaux requested by Lloyds.

For brokers

Ready to face old and new challenges together, as well as the market changes and the needs of our clients.

For insurance companies

A qualified and ready-to-use claims office to strengthen know-how, costs optimization and organizational timing. We are ready to assist on special clients’ urgent needs, specific projects or in case of claims surges.

For businesses

A reliable and solid partnership as an added value in claims management and Third Party Liability. TPA&A is specialized in Self-Insured Retention (S.I.R.) claims and is a trusted service provider for the insurance companies already using this service. We are working on the base of shared Key Performance Indicators (KPI), setting up dedicated teams and customized processes for each client and providing a customized periodic reporting.

Other services

Discover the services offered by the other companies of our group operating in the world of electric and electronic losses, Property and Liability loss adjusting.

The first mover on the Italian market, A&A pioneered the specialist approach to electrical damages based on our unique technical expertise.

“Loss Adjusting as a service” for Property and Liability claims, experta has ten years of experience in reinventing loss adjusting and managed repair.